• 8 used car warning signs: don’t buy a lemon
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    8 used car warning signs: don’t buy a lemon

    Sign #1: Rust. Rust can be expensive to fix and it also indicates that this used car was not very well cared for – who knows what other maintenance the owner has skimped on? This could mean big-time auto repairs in your very near future. If you see rust, take a pass. Sign #2: Odometer

  • Maintenance Tip: When to change transmission fluid

    If you ask around, you’ll often get different opinions on when to change transmission fluid. Some car manufacturers recommend getting a fluid change every 100,000 or even 150,000 miles, but that is far too long when you think about it. The average driver logs about 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year, so if you were

  • Wind screen care and preventative maintanence
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    Wind screen care and preventative maintanence

    Windscreen wiper effectiveness can be improved through the correct fitting of genuine and compatible blades paired with recommended washer fluid, which is produced specifically to remove oil and grit from your windscreen. For optimum performance we recommend that windscreen wipers are replaced every year if necessary. This is particularly important because some windscreen wipers are

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